Having guests round to stay is an exciting experience and doing the room up just right gives you a sense of satisfaction when done correctly by giving your guests a stay they won’t forget. When you are setting up the guest room, ask yourself what a five-star hotel would offer and measure yours with that. Obviously, the budget may restrict this but you could easily declutter, provide a place to relax and also layout some essentials. In this article, we will go through some helpful tips to make your guest room more inviting.

Provide A Comfy Bed

Rather than letting your guests sleep in an old, saggy worn bed, look at purchasing a good quality second-hand bed if your budget doesn’t allow a new one. Other alternatives could be looking into purchasing a high-quality air bed. They are super comfy and can fit on top of a sofa bed, box spring bed frames or even on the floor. This is also a great way to be able to put it away once you are done with it so you have more room if needed.

Make Room For A Suitcase

Making room for your guest’s suitcase is an essential part of the stay. You can resolve this issue by having a luggage rack or a small table to put the suitcase on it. If you don’t have this then you can make some room in the wardrobe to at least hide it. It is also best to have somewhere where they can put all their clothes away as they do not want to be living out of their suitcase during their stay.

Brighten Things Up

This could happen by multiple things. First, you could brighten the place up by giving the room a lick of paint in a bright neutral colour like white. Other ways will be by adding some lights in the room. Nobody likes reading in the dark or with the main light on so opt for some bedside lights, a lamp or even a chair with a little table and light. Having light controls near the best is really helpful so your guests don’t trip or fall in the night.

Upgrade The Bedding

Obviously, clean bedding is a must, but above that opt for some luxury bed linen, bed toppers, a good selection of pillows, blankets, the lot. This all depends on where in the world you are as this will differ with climate. A nice touch is to have everything ironed too. Always allow for spare though as you never know who may have an accident so it’s best to have one just in case.

Add Some Decor

Having a blank room can be very disorientating and bland leaving your guests dull. Having some ornamental decoration and some colour in the room will help your guests be stimulated and not bored. You want the room to feel comfortable so you could do this by adding a mirror which also helps to create a bigger and brighter room. You could also get some wall art prints to match the colours of the room. We Love Prints Offer a fantastic range of different and unique wall prints for all moods and occasions. You can also add a silent wall clock, it’s a nice and functional decorative addition for any room  Other homely touches could be throw pillows, a rug and some blackout curtains to keep the room dark of an evening.

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