Bring extraordinary comfort, inner peace, exceptional sleep quality, and overall better health and well-being with thelino into your home. Bedding for the home, in addition to the comfort of your rest, also serves to give elegance and style to your home, in relation to your taste and furniture.

Even fabrics should be pleasing in design and functional for all your needs. The bed is a world of colors, textures and fabrics that match each other and consist of different layers.

Details can make a difference, as well as the cozy, comfortable feeling that touch provides. Therefore, choosing the right bedding set is an attitude that “dresses up” the bedroom, giving pleasure when it comes time to enjoy a proper rest and giving satisfaction when welcoming guests.

Do you know how to invite go to bed when the sheets are clean and smell good? In a busy world, where time has become a scarce resource, there is an increasing need for quality rest to feel energized, energetic, and ready for a new day.

Bedding that combines art and decor is the basic element for a good night’s sleep, dressing up the bedroom and, why not, revealing our lifestyle. From refined tastes to more casual, Bedding must know how to combine comfort with the style of furniture in your home, with the seasons, and with your relationship to temperature.

The Lino bedding collections are made with love and designed to fill their lives with comfort and beauty. Symbolize an idea or concept.
Regulate mood or emotion. Create depth or movement. Link content and imagery in layout. There are many factors to consider when shopping for the perfect bed.

Essentials Collection

Did you know that geometric lines symbolize ideas and moods? When thinking of form, this is the first thing that comes to mind. Squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, circles, ovals, etc. These shapes are easy to identify and name.

Dandelion collection

For those of you who have a fear of new environments or the like, the Dandelion collection is for you. Because dandelion flowers have a philosophy that one must be adaptable and not afraid to explore anywhere. The philosophy of this flower teaches that everyone must grow and develop as this one flower grows.

The Japan Collection

Dedicating a new collection to different tastes, colors, and cultures, referring to the good taste of Japanese life diluted with cultures from around the world.

Eucalyptus collection

The motto for the Eucalyptus collection is comfort. Home should be a place to relax. The colorful world of the earth awakens, shades reminiscent of leaves.

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