Would you be astonished if I tell you that about twenty percent of the sent emails don’t get delivered or go to the spam folder?

Or do you think it’s not a significant number?

If you aim to generate revenue through your email campaigns, you cannot take this twenty percent of emails going into the spam box or undelivered for granted. It must be a matter of concern for you as you might lose out on the profits you could have made.

Many email senders do not understand how to sort out the email deliverability issues.

This article is your comprehensive guide to overcome email deliverability issues and take your emails to the recipients’ contact box.

Before going deeper into the subject, let us see how to find out someone’s email to build the customer email list. This list plays a significant role in the email deliverability rate.

How to Find Out Someone’s Email Address?

Email addresses can be found out by using the email finder tools.

GetEmail.io is an excellent tool when it’s about locating the correct email id format of any professional.

The tool works based on machine learning and big data algorithm, which ensures high accuracy of data.

If you wish to check this tool’s efficiency, you can do that by signing up for the free plan. With the free program, you can locate up to ten email addresses every month.

Now, let’s move to the email deliverability subject matter.

Email Deliverability – Definition

The percentage of your emails that have been successfully delivered to your prospect’s inbox or primary tab is called email deliverability.

It would be best if you did not confuse this with the delivery rate. The delivery rate is a metric that counts all emails that didn’t bounce back even if it lands on the spam box.

Email Deliverability Audit

The email deliverability audit comes to the rescue when you wish to understand how to keep your emails away from the spam folder.

It’s good to perform the email deliverability audit quarterly; this will let you spot problems, if any sooner.

For instance, this audit gives you an insight into the bounce rate, spam rate, unopened emails, quality of the email list, etc.

How to Perform the Emal Deliverability Audit?

Send a Test Email

You can audit your email service provider by sending an email and see if it lands on the inbox, spam, or promotion tab.

If you have registered for the email marketing service provider tool, you can test emails once you create them.

On receiving the test email, click on the “Show Original” option. You will get a report with details such as DKIM, SPF, and DMARC to report if it’s authentic or not.

You can go deeper by checking the test email code and analyzing it using an email header analyzer.

Know Your Sending Score

Be regular to check your sender score and work towards improving it, as your sending score reflects your sender’s reputation.

Tracking Prospect’s Behavior

Tracking your prospect’s behavior cannot be skipped, and manual tracking isn’t possible for businesses with many prospects. 

For such businesses, an email automation tool is a great solution.

Final Thoughts

When you have email marketing in your growth strategy, it is essential to be aware of the email deliverability and work on improving it.

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