We can all agree that it is challenging to live without fresh air, especially during scorching summer nights. Using an air conditioner is not as healthy as it seems, meaning the air should be an indispensable aspect of our daily lives. However, with the fresh air, we fight insects as the nuisance that can affect our enjoyment.

That is why implementing a fly screen is the best way to prevent attracting unwelcome insects. Still, you can find a wide array of fly screens that will provide you with peace of mind, which is why you should stay with us to learn more about them.

The common term fly screen is a material that you can use to cover an open door or window, which will protect you against insects such as flies and mosquitoes. The essential purpose of a fly screen is to keep dirt, insects, debris, pests, and small debris from entering your household when you decide to open doors or windows.

The easiest way to learn more about dealing with insects that are already inside your household is by entering here for additional information. Finally, you can enjoy the cool breeze without thinking about consequences, while remaining protected throughout the process.


The most common misconception about fly screens is that they are like each other when it comes to construction and materials. However, they are completely different and each one serves a specific purpose. You can find numerous varieties that will offer you specific benefits and suit the situation you wish to address.

One of the most common differences is the material used, which can provide you with numerous characteristics from durability to mesh size. The most popular materials are:

  • PVC Coated Fiberglass – We are talking about the most common material for fly screens, which is also known as nylon mesh. Remember that fiberglass is highly popular in humid areas because it cannot stain, rust, or corrode. Of course, it can tear and stretch much faster than other materials, but it is affordable, which makes it popular and prominent.
  • Aluminum – It is a common option that can withstand harsh weather elements. It is a durable option, especially compared with fiberglass, but it can crease and dent after a while. You can also find heavy-duty aluminum that will provide you with additional durability.
  • Stainless Steel – If you live in bushfire-prone areas, we recommend you get stainless steel material, because it is tough, strong, and durable. It is one of the most secure options you can find on the market.
  • Solar – It is a popular solution for areas where you should get sun protection because you will get shade, while the material will absorb and block excess heat. It is perfect for verandahs and porches.
  • Pet Screen – If you wish to get the option that comes with vinyl-coated polyester, you should get this one. It features small mesh holes to protect it from damage and scratches.


You should know that the weave of a fly screen is essential because it refers to how many strands it features in a single square inch. That way, it creates spaces within the screen. The general rule states that the tighter weave you get, the lower are chances for something to enter through your doors or windows.

However, tighter weaves may interrupt or block your view, meaning you should check out different options before making up your mind. For instance, if you live by the beach, you should get sandfly screens, which feature tight weaves that will prevent midges from affecting your home.


Similarly, as weave and material, you should know that fly screen frames come in distinct colors too. You can find them in almost any frame color ranging from standard ones to specific coatings that will match your household and indoors. You can also get woodgrain finishes, which are highly attractive and popular for most people.


1. Retractable

Other people call it roller screen doors, you should know that retractable screens feature a cassette or housing, and you can roll them down based on your preferences. When you pull it on the bottom or top track, the mesh will extend and unroll to offer you complete protection against insects and other pests.

They are like roller blinds, but they do not feature fabric, but the screen mesh as mentioned above. You can fit them vertically or horizontally, which depends on your home’s design or any other factors.

Retractable screens are great because they are not noticeable, and feature small tracks, numerous colors and sizes combined with discrete fittings that will match your design requirements.

2. Pleated

You can choose the option that does not function as retractable but as an accordion instead. It means that once you retract them, they will stack back into each other. They come with less tension than retractable since they do not feature spring-loaded tubes. Perfect solution for seniors and children, because they do not require muscle strength to close and open.

You can find modern and sleek designs that will blend into the existing door or window frame. We are talking about minimal execution without clunky additions, which makes them appealing and effective.

3. Hinged

You should remember that hinged fly screens can fit on the windows and doors by using a specific framework. The term refers to the hinges you must install on the side so the doors can swing from one place to another. The mechanism in which screens function as shutters.

They are affordable options compared with the others mentioned above. At the same time, they are perfectly suited for doors, because they can fit the frame, while you can use them on metal, timber, or UPVC casements as well. By checking out this link: fliegle.de, you can find professional help that will help you determine the type of fly screens you should get.

4. Sliding

When it comes to sliding screens, they are perfect for sliding windows and doors. You can mount the frame on tracks, meaning they can sit along the track that will run parallel to the windows and doors and provide you with perfect efficiency.

5. Screen

Finally, you can find standard fly screens that include a simple frame with a mesh. They do not come with additional features, and you should install them, remove them, and put them in place when necessary.

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