The bathroom is one of the rooms that must always be kept clean. This is because in the bathroom you also clean yourself, so imagine what if you take a shower in a dirty bathroom? Bathing will be a waste because it could be bacteria that are nested in the bathroom attached to your towels.

Want to change the bathroom door but are confused about choosing a curtain or sliding door? This article may be able to help you make a judgment. So far, sliding doors are considered very innovative because they can hold water that exceeds the water outflow limit.

But unfortunately, over time, sliding doors are often overgrown with fungus. So that the latest innovation appears, namely the bathroom curtain. A report on the Apartment Therapy page explains that the use of curtains is actually more advisable than sliding doors.

Many factors make the bathroom dirty, one of which is because it is splashed with the bathwater. For that, you can install this peva floral shower curtain so that the shower water doesn’t splash everywhere.

In addition to being a decorative element, the peva floral shower curtain is also a partition that limits the toilet and the shower or bath area. By using this shower curtain, the toilet area is protected from splashing water from the shower, and the floor around it is kept dry. The reason…

1. Curtains are much easier to clean

The curtains can be easily cleaned, as it is just a matter of taking them off. You can wash it like normal clothes. Unlike the shower door, you have to wash it on both sides, plus there are parts that are difficult to clean.

2. Curtains have more variety

If you feel bored with the same shape as the shower door, you have to spend quite a lot of money to replace it. In contrast to shower curtains, in addition to having many variations of motifs and colors, the price is also relatively cheaper.

3. It’s easier to bathe the kids

When bathing a child, with a sliding door you can’t sit on the edge of the tub but have to stand up and bend slightly. Unlike the curtain, which only opens wide and you can sit on the edge of the bathtub without fear of feeling pain in the waist.

4. Make the room look wider.

In a small bathroom, the use of curtains can give the impression of being wider.

PEVA shower curtain

This curtain is for those of you who want to always keep the room clean. This curtain plays a role in preventing the spread of shower water splashes. Specially designed to be installed in the bathroom, the clear peva shower curtain has many size options that will help you keep your bathroom space clean.

Easy to Install

Forget the hassle when installing bathroom curtains, because these bathroom curtains are very easy to apply to your bathroom. Equipped with a hook, this will make it easier for you when installing it. You can get the gallows in stores.

Beautiful Motif

Even though it’s placed in the bathroom, that doesn’t mean you can ignore its aesthetic value. That’s why you should choose this bathroom curtain. Of course, it will make bathing activities fresher and calming. This peva floral shower curtain will bring a natural atmosphere to the bathroom.

The Bathroom Is So Clean

Made of peva material, this shower curtain will prevent splashes of shower water from spreading to other parts of the bathroom. The bathroom will be cleaner and neater. Even the bathroom will be more beautiful with the curtains that are presented with these beautiful colors.

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