If you feel that your home lacks something or is too simple for your taste, how about adding landscaping to your outdoor area? It’s a fantastic way to add kerb appeal, which will also significantly increase the value of your property. If this is your first time tackling this project, you will find these landscaping tips helpful.

Incorporate a combination of plants

Plants are a must in landscaping, and there are several options to choose from, ranging from flowering to non-flowering ones. They also vary in colours and sizes. Use a variety of plants to achieve the look that you are after. You may get inspiration from landscape designs that you will find on home improvement magazines or sites. There are annual and perennial plants. Annual plants die after a season, while perennial plants grow and bloom for a long time or infinitely.  These plants stay alive the whole year-round. Use a mixture of these plants to keep your property appealing in all seasons.

Consider raised flower beds

Besides your typical flower boxes, consider adding raised flower beds. If designed and built correctly, they could significantly improve your landscaping. Besides adding to the aesthetics of the place, they can also protect your plants from animals and bugs. Moreover, if your area is mostly paved, these raised flower beds are great options for you to grow plants.

Add a hardscape

Landscaping is not just about flowers, trees, and plants, but hardscapes too. It refers to materials and structures used in the landscape. Below are some options to consider:




Wooden or metal fences


Stone walkways


Stone retaining walls

You can do some of these options as DIY projects, but others may be best to be left to the experts, especially if you want a spot-on finish like the fountains. Clean the area before starting these projects to make it easier for you to envision the best location to place them and how they would turn out. Building these hardscapes and doing the landscaping, in general, would also produce a large amount of trash, so consider hiring a skip to make disposal more convenient. Visit a website on skip hire to find the best option for you. The skips range from small to large, so you can hire one that would be ideal for your project.

Use mulch or ground cover

If you have a vast space outdoors, spreading mulch is one way to cover the ground and add aesthetics. Besides acting as cover, it keeps the soil healthy, making it suitable for growing plants. Other plants could serve as ground covers. They improve the overall look of the space while keeping weeds out. Lavender, Aronia, creeping thyme and Lily of the Valley are some options. Not only are they attractive, but they are also low-maintenance. They are perfect if you do not have much time to care for them, as they can thrive with little upkeep.

Besides these tips, consider the weather in your area since there are plants that only survive in specific climates. Consider sun exposure, too, as it’s vital in growing your plants.