fruit hamper hong kong is known as a variety of fruit that must be brought when celebrating something or giving it to people. In addition to citrus fruits, there are many fruits that bring good luck to Hong Kong beliefs. The fruit is a symbol of prosperity and family safety.

What Fruits Are Suitable for Hong Kong Fruit Hampers?

  1. Peach

Peach is a must-have fruit in fruit hampers, which is a fruit that symbolizes immortality. In fact, each part of the peach has its own meaning, for example, the peach flower. This peach flower is a symbol of good luck for those who consume it.

Peaches themselves have the meaning of immortality and stay young, this is believed by most of the people of Hong Kong. The peach tree is a tree that symbolizes longevity, what’s interesting is the petals which become a symbol of love and happiness for his family and relatives.

  1. Orange

The next fruit is orange, this fruit must be in the fruit hamper. Even this fruit must be served at home. Because it is considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Whoever consumes it and displays it at home, the house will be prosperous.

In addition, oranges also contain vitamin C which is good for the body, and various nutrients are also very beneficial.

  1. Wine

This purple fruit and has small seeds is one of the fruits usually found in Hong Kong fruit hampers. The significance is contained in this fruit, which is a symbol of fertility or abundance on certain occasions. After all, grapes are a fruit full of nutrition.

You will get a good nutritional balance when you consume grapes every day. This fruit is one of the must-have fruits in Hong Kong homes during New Year’s celebrations. Especially if that day is Chinese New Year.

  1. Pomegranate

The next fruit is the pomegranate, which is the same fruit like grapes. The benefits of pomegranates for the people of Hong Kong are a symbol of fertility and an abundance of sustenance.

If the person is newly married person, it is advisable to display this fruit in his home. If this fruit is displayed it can attract good luck and fertility to the new family.

  1. Apricot

Apricots are beautiful, sweet, and refreshing fruit. Because of its beautiful skin color, this fruit is used as a symbol of wealth and gold. Sometimes apricots were painted with women of the imperial family as a symbol of fortitude and suffering. Hope for success can be represented by an apricot garden

  1. Apple and Pineapple

The symbol of luck and wealth is the symbol that you can get from Fruit Hampers Hong Kong, namely the apple. Apples are a luxury fruit, some of which are only grown in certain countries.

This apple is one of the fruits that must be in fruit hampers, especially during the new year. The next fruit is pineapple which means prosperity comes according to your wishes. This fruit is fruit also symbolizes wealth and luck.

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