When it comes to wood floors, there is no better choice than hardwood floors. Compared with softwood counterparts, hardwood has better durability, making it ideal for items such as decorations and siding. However, there are many different hardwoods on the market and it is very difficult to know which one to choose. One of the most common and popular hardwood choices on the market is Ipe wood. Ipe wooden decks are an excellent choice, offering many different benefits. The following are the top nine reasons why you should choose Antwood for your solid wood paving needs. Why antwood deck is very suitable for your outdoor space

1. Durability

Janka hardness scale is a method of checking the hardness and therefore the durability of wood. Specifically, the test measures the wood’s resistance to pitting and pitting. Forest gets their scores based on the pressure of pounds they can withstand, and IPE Wood has one of the highest ratings at 3680 pounds of pressure. This means that Ipe wood is very durable, resistant to problems such as pits and dents, and will not be damaged by small fragments or hail.

2. Class A fire rating

When it comes to solid wood flooring, one of the most concerning issues is flammability. For a long time, wood has been known as an unsafe, highly flammable, and fast-burning material. However, this is not always the case today. Ipe decks are not only durable and able to withstand things such as dents, but they are also very fire resistant. In fact, Ipe Timber offers Class A fire resistance, which is the highest fire resistance grade available for construction products. Class A fire rating means that in the test, the flame spread of Ipe wood is smaller than other woods, and it takes longer to catch fire. With this classification, Ipe timber meets the building code requirements of many West Coast states that require a Class A fire rating due to wildfires.

3. Sustainability

Today, sustainability is one of the main concerns of people all over the world. People are looking for products in all aspects of life to manufacture or purchase sustainably. Ipe’s wooden deck is a sustainably sourced hardwood from South America. It is legally collected and acquired under the strict U.S. Lacey Act and corresponding South American government agencies. In addition, the company can only use selective logging to extract wood. This means that these companies can only harvest 50 trees per 1,000 acres, while Brazilian Ipe timber can only be harvested once every 30 to 40 years.

4. Low maintenance

Surprisingly, hardwood is actually a low-maintenance product, and IPE decking is no exception. Once installed, Ipe Timber is relatively maintenance-free. If you want to keep the original color, Ipe or any hardwood needs to be dyed every few years. Coloring can also provide additional sun and weather protection, ensuring that your deck stays alive and beautiful for years to come. However, beyond that, the only maintenance required is the cleaning and removing any residues on the surface.

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