Bali Lavastone for Elegance Swimming Pool. Swimming has become a body sport which is now the priority and favorite choice of many people.
Not only refreshing but also good for shrinking the stomach and increase height.
For those of you who want a little privacy when swimming, making a swimming pool at home can indeed be selected.
The existence of a swimming pool at home is not only useful for channeling the hobby of swimming family members but also makes your home feel cool and natural.
You can also make it a place to hold an event in the evening or during the day, like burning a barbecue with family or inviting friends on birthdays.
The view that is presented from the swimming pool like blue water and gurgling caused, gives a relaxing sensation to your eyes.
The more interesting if the pool landscape view can be captured from inside the house.
Having a swimming pool can also bring joy to the family because there are many games that can be done at the pool with the family that can be done every weekend.
This will further strengthen the bonding between your family.
So many pool design inspiration, but you still have to adjust it to the concept and style of the house.

Elegance Swimming Pool

8 Factors Concerning Building a Swimming Pool

Before building a swimming pool, consider the following:

  1. Swimming pool design.

    Before deciding on a design, you must first answer the question of what is your purpose in building the pool. Whether for sports such as swimming athletes or for fun with family, or a combination of swimming with a spa to relax. The design will be different. Make sure you clearly communicate this to your pool designer.

  2. Who will use the swimming pool?

    If the pool will also be used by your children so must be having a shallower area.

  1. Adjust the page.

    It’s best to do a soil test first to find out the type of soil in your yard. Is the soil sandy, soft or rocky?
    This can cause problems when building a swimming pool.
    If there is a lot of rubbish on the ground, this will add to the cost because the rubbish must be disposed of and loose soil compacted.

  1. Determine the place.

    Consider gas lines, power lines, as well as water lines embedded in the ground.
    This will affect the location of the swimming pool.
    Build a swimming pool in a place that will not be affected by all that.
    Because moving these things will certainly add to the cost and time-consuming.

  1. The desired features are in the pool.

    A swimming pool is not always used for swimming.
    For that, it should be noted also features that will make your swimming pool more enjoyable to use besides swimming.
    You might want to add a bench in the water, a bar in the pool or a net to play water volleyball.

  1. Materials to be used.

    You can choose any material that will be used to build an elegant swimming pool in your luxury home according to your taste.
    However, nowadays lava stone tiles Bali have been chosen for pool walls and floors.
    Using Bali natural stone for a more natural impression.

  1. A swimming pool that is easily maintained.

    There is no pool that does not need to be maintained.
    However, you can reduce the level of maintenance by ensuring that your swimming pool is designed to be energy efficient, with strong hydropower and good filtration.
    Use pumps that can be regulated as well as larger pipes.
    Chlorinator will make cleaning chemicals in the water all the time so that moss is difficult to grow.
    So, you don’t need to clean the pool frequently from mosses.

  1. Who will build the pool and Material suppliers?

    Choose a pool builder and Bali natural stone supplier that is trusted and has good testimonials.
    He also must be fully committed to making high-quality swimming pools and good design.

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