Enforcement of Child Support . Among the social units, the family is a very complex unit.
There are many problems faced by one family member with another family member.
Often the balance will be disturbed and endanger family life which results in the family not feeling happiness.
Not infrequently, disputes and arguments between husband-and-wife end in divorce.
So, a series of difficulties arises, especially for a child who always needs the presence of his parents throughout his life. 

If a married couple turns out to be no longer able to carry out their responsibilities and uphold a life full of the spirit of love.
Maintaining peace, and encouraging each other to create happiness, then in a situation like this the husband and wife are no longer worthy of continuing the household ark.
The husband and wife’s inability to undergo a marriage relationship eventually led to a separation that is better known as divorce. 

Divorce that occurs does not only affect the husband or wife but also the children who are born.
All the problems of parents in family life will affect the children who are born.
When deciding to divorce, the business was not just separation.
Usually, the result of a divorce award requires the parents (especially the father) to provide financial support for the child and the ex-wife.
However, in practice, many ex-husbands neglect this obligation.

Then, what should be done so that the ex-husband wants to share the costs of the children’s needs? 

Before you “fight” in court, it’s good to know the laws.
If you are getting divorced, you and your partner may be able to agree on a support amount.

The child support guidelines

Make a deal before going to a divorce hearing.
Apart from not wasting your time, this method can also make your ex-husband better understand the children’s needs. 

  1. Get rid of each other’s egos, and think about the interests of the children.
  2. Describe the need for child support in detail, whether the ex-husband will provide it or not.
    At least, based on the decree, you have evidence, so that when questioned in the future, do not corner you.
  3. When submitting the contents of the allowance, don’t just think about the monthly fee for current needs.

Also take into account their future by applying for education or health insurance.
Child support obligations are determined based on a court order.
If there is a problem calculating child support for example, if your spouse is hiding income.
You may need to go to court.
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