Natural Stone for Swimming Pool Decoration. It is undeniable that the very limited land does not deter someone from making a swimming pool.
This is proven by the increasing demand for private swimming pools, especially at resorts, hotels, and villas.
Used as a basic requirement to beautify the exterior garden.
Arena for soaking therapy, and as a lifestyle or lifestyle.

Wanting to get a little different sensation while on vacation, renting a villa can be a fun alternative to choose from.
Not only does it offer a homey feel, but it can also add to the excitement and exciting impression of your vacation.
Imagine, you can rent a villa with a private swimming pool and enjoy time with your big family.
Sounds exciting, right?

Many people look forward to having a swimming pool in their home.
The existence of a swimming pool can be a separate sweetener for every home.
Swimming pools can be built in various types of houses, both minimalist and spacious homes.
The type of swimming pool can be determined based on the area of ​​the house and the design of the house.

Having a swimming pool will certainly be a lot of fun

By having a swimming pool, we can gather with family, swim together, refresh, and do other fun things.
A swimming pool is indeed one of the tertiary needs or additional needs.
But if you have more money to build.
It doesn’t hurt to add a swimming pool at home, right?
However, there are many other activities that can be done in the swimming pool, such as sunbathing, soaking, and so on.
If you want to sunbathe around the pool.
You can build a swimming pool with accessories for chaise lounges and umbrellas at the edges.
The easy chair is the most comfortable place to enjoy the warmth of the morning sun while relaxing.
In addition, the swimming pool can also be used as a place to soak in warm water.

Private Pool Swimming Pool

Private swimming pools usually have a design that is not too big like a public swimming pool.
The purpose of building a private swimming pool is as a place for families to gather together, swim together, and enjoy family happiness.
Your own private swimming pool can be built using the design desired by the owner.
This pool can be built behind the house or beside the house that blends with the garden.

Apart from the above functions, the presence of a private pool also has its own charm for many hotel and villa guests.

Even now many villas and hotels are made with special swimming pools or private pools so that they can be enjoyed casually by hotel and villa guests, and usually, this swimming pool is equipped with a heating heater, and also a sprinkling of flowers so it looks romantic.

Waterfall ornaments and fountains for swimming pools

The swimming pool is very beautiful when added with waterfall ornaments and fountain ornaments, which are made of natural stone so that it looks natural and natural.
The waterfall design can be placed on the edge of the swimming pool or on the pool dividing wall.
For natural stone materials which are popular in the world swimming pool tile market using Bali green Sukabumi stone.

Pool Lamps and Candle Lanterns

At night, to add a romantic value, you can add candle lanterns and slightly dim lights, with a unique design that provides aesthetic value and comfort to the user.
The use of natural stone for pool decoration is one way to make a swimming pool look more natural.
Natural stone is indeed unique and can provide a different atmosphere when applied to a building.
On the other hand, the use of natural stone can be a natural material to keep swimming pool water clear.
In addition, choosing the type of natural stone for swimming pool decoration is very important to know.

There are two types of natural stone for pool decoration.
The first type of stone is used for the inner side of the pool and the stone for the outside of the pool.

You can choose stones such as Bali swimming pool tiles.

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