Project management is a dirty word. If you’re accustomed to hearing it mentioned sometimes, context from the field is that they have most managers breaking entire sections of it off as “project management.”  This is the result of folks and corporations focusing on tasks, not projects.  Our job as project professionals is to manage projects. As you can find on with prince 2 training course providers.

Projects cannot be managed before the work is begun.  Therefore, if you have to be doing project work in order to plan and budget, you are doing the wrong thing, because you will eventually get interconnected with the fabulous variance of cycles and updates.  It isn’t very helpful to manage a project such that it’s a good fit for every single task in the current marketing campaign, every week, or every month.  At least it doesn’t have to be that way!

Consider for a moment that you are a new college graduate that figures out to hire a killer chef.  After that, you research all different types of boutique cuisine in the area and pick one best suited for meeting all your needs.  Then, your life becomes nothing but a slippery slope:  Before you know it, every single thing that you are focused on is in big trouble. Who assigned this warm fruit pie to your hiring the chef?  What are the pertinent questions to keep asking yourself?  Are you clearly informing who is not clear on the information?  Do you understand what they’re doing at any time? What are you getting for your dollar?  How can you prevent half your creative efforts from going down the drain?

Let’s be blunt:  You are an experienced creative professional.  While you are a brilliant creative thinker, you find it all to be mixed up, confusing, and even exhausting.  Think about why, and then try to break it down.  Simply substitute another word for creative thinking.

You immediately understand that you can’t get that constant flow in your new practice, it would be extremely expensive to hire someone else, and it would be incredibly frustrating.  Rather than PD (project management), you’re going to think of the one other thing you ever wanted to do – just don’t care about the other project(s) in your work.  And it reminds me – any time you slip, you are asking for yet another gem to be put out just as beauty has its own month.

Control that flow of creativity to minimize or even eliminate time waste, uncertainty, failure, and loss of profit.  A lot of PM’s are uncomfortable with this when they finally align with it, but it is NOT GOING TO HELP YOU.  Remember, you are not a ‘ pm ‘ good at every task – even if you are very good.  Understand that you can only be a ppm  PLLL otherwise you’re an imbecile.  There is that phrase, “self-indulgence,” floating around in the business world and in relationships, and that simply means “wanting something that you didn’t want when you had it.”  Here’s a tip, wash it down.  “Sure guy, no use fixing it through such a hard-to-remember keypad.”

And I am asking you to take your inability to control that pointless cycle into your own work.  Please, try to get your team to understand and make better use of the resources they have. 135 Jimmy eligible ice cream cones isn’t a bad mission.  Nor is chasing reforms into the XYZ room.  Take ownership of where you can improve.  You don’t have to work like a PLLL operation to be a PLLL, or a PLLL to start how you are.

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