Odds are you’ve seen more and more homes all over the UK embrace the idea of electric blinds in recent years. If you’re considering increasing your home’s security, functionality and style, electric blinds are a great option. But before taking the leap and making a purchase, here’s all the information you need to make sure electric blinds suit your needs

What Are Electric Blinds & How Do They Work?

Electric or motorised blinds, to put it simply, are window coverings that are operated electronically rather than manually. It is a system that eliminates the standard cord and chain system, allowing for greater adaptability. These blinds operate with wireless technology and can be controlled by a remote, smartphone, tablet, or third-party home automation system.

How Are The Blinds Powered?

You can either opt for hard-wired electric blinds, which use the power supply in your home, or you can have blinds that are charged periodically. One charge can hold about 500 uses of the blinds, so they don’t need to be charged often. Just note, the option to hard wire your home means you may need to work with an electrician in addition to the blind installation itself.

Are Electric Blinds Smart Home Compatible?

They are. You can operate modern electric blinds from a tablet or smartphone. This does take skill with apps and the like, so if you’d prefer a remote system, let your installation company know and they can work with you to choose a method that works best for you and your specific needs.

Are These Electric Blinds Reliable?

They are known to be very reliable, but it is always wise to be cautious.  There are numerous ways in which technology can fail, this is not to say it will fail, but as the blinds rely on electricity to work, a prolonged power outage or technical fault will stop the blinds from working automatically. If this happens, you aren’t stuck with your blinds up or down, you can operate them manually. This means electric blinds are a foolproof system that will hold up for years after the initial installation.

Are Electric Blinds Hard to Install? 

It’s not wise for you to attempt a DIY blind installation, as it is an electrical system, and this can be dangerous. In addition, incorrect measurements mean the blinds won’t fit or will look unprofessional, diminishing the value of your home. This is why it’s highly recommended to work with a trusted UK-based company like Brighton Sunblinds to help you measure, install and safely set up your blinds correctly, with less margin for error. This also gives you peace of mind, and a wider variety of choices when it comes to sizes, colourways and materials of the blinds themselves.

Are Electric Blinds Worth the Money?

Absolutely. The investment lasts for years into the future, will help you keep your home safer, and gives you additional functionality. As a bonus, the blinds can be timed to your wake-up time, and sunset even if you aren’t home, and won’t break the bank.

Where Do You Get Electric Blinds?

To find the best electric blinds in the UK, you can’t beat Brighton Sunblinds. A family-run business, they have over 40 years of experience and a showroom in Brighton if you want to come and see the finishes yourself. On top of this, they offer high-quality roller blinds, roman, Venetian, pleated and vision blinds in a variety of colour ways. If you want safe blinds for your home, contact them now!

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