We can find a wide array of people servicing and tendering trees, which means they do not feature proper qualifications to help you with the services.

The main problem lies in the idea that the process can be dangerous for someone who undertakes the work without proper knowledge, experience, and qualifications.

Imagine a situation where you decide to find a company to remove high branches or cut down a tree. At the same time, you may notice overhead cables and limited access next to the wall.

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They approach it without a prior strategy and risk assessment since they do not have certification and training to handle these aspects. As a result, branches can fall onto a parked car, damage neighbor’s property, and cause severe problems.

At the same time, they require proper insurance, which will protect you if something happens to workers. Without insurance coverage, if someone falls from a tree in your backyard, you will be liable for it.

Besides, cowboy traders can be more expensive than others, which will provide you peace of mind. Today, anyone can call themselves a service company, which is an ad you can find on leaflets and local papers.

The main difference is to understand the differences between good and bad. That way, you will ensure a safe and well-done job.

Things to Avoid

1. Multi-Purpose Providers

You will notice them through the letterbox leaflet you will get. At the same time, these people will offer you general services, including fence repairs, gardening, patio laying, and gutter cleaning.

Apart from these services they will offer you numerous benefits. However, when someone is offering a wide array of services, the chances are high they are not specialists for tree surgery.

You do not wish to hire a general repair person to install a gas furnace. The same thing works for removing a tree or situation.

Similarly, as boiler fitting, tree surgery requires knowledge, qualifications, experience, certifications, professional equipment, insurance coverage, and safety equipment to protect against potential issues.

It requires plenty of money to become a professional and competent, so their services are higher than other general services. Still, you will get additional quality and safety without the potential for liability.

Tree surgeons do not clean gutters, repair fences, and lay patios. They are not boiler engineers or multi-purpose providers. Instead, they are specialists that can help you with a tree surgery without any additional problem.

2. Avoid Unaccredited Services

Some companies will offer you lopping and topping services, which are part of the surgery. Based on their ideas, anyone can take the top of a tree without any additional problem.

Still, only professionals will know how to do it without affecting the overall health of a tree. At the same time, experts must be aware of potential risks, including falling branches and damaging your property, among other things.

3. Avoid Services Without Phone Number and Address

If you find a service without a valid telephone number and traceability, it means you should be aware before you make up your mind. It is vital to find someone who has a landline telephone number and address because you can get additional reassurance.

It is vital to determine whether they come with a PO box and physical address. When you reach their address, there should be an office with staff inside.

Some services are making up addresses as they go, which is why you should check them out in-person and online as well.

4. Cash Demands

If you find a company that asks you for cash in advance, you should avoid paying up-front. There is no logical need because most services already have tools and materials to handle a particular job.

If they come with a requirement to hire specific machinery for reaching a hard-to-reach branch and ask for a deposit, you should pay by card on their bank account and take receipt for additional reassurance.

That way, you can request money back if they do not provide you with the services, you agreed beforehand.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Tree Surgeon


We can differentiate numerous qualifications tree surgeons should have to handle services and works. Everything depends on NPTC, which include:

  • CS39 – Operate a chainsaw from a harness and rope
  • CS38 – Perform aerial rescue and climb a tree
  • CS31 – Dealing with small trees
  • CS30 – Chainsaw use on the ground and maintenance

At the same time, servicers require additional qualifications for processing trees at height. We can also differentiate LANTRA qualifications, stump grinder, and wood chipper options.

The more qualification a surgeon has, the better job you will get as a result.

  • References – The first thing you should do is search online for a particular surgeon to find online reviews that will help you out with the process. Still, you should avoid taking advantage of testimonials from past customers on the official website, but enter a third-party site such as Better Business Bureau and Yelp for additional info.
  • Written Quote – You should never accept based on verbal estimation. Instead, you should ask a service to write everything on paper to provide you a proof and record things you agreed beforehand. You should check everything inside, including hire, equipment, VAT, waste disposal, so that you can be completely clear on something you are paying for.
  • Insurance – It is vital to ask for the company’s insurance certificate for each employee as well as claims history. That way, you can check whether they feature clean records, which means they can handle risk assessment and have the proper safety and health knowledge.
  • Experience – You should find someone with a few years of experience to ensure that a surgeon should deal with any potential issue you have. You can verify this aspect by conducting background research on a company before hiring.
  • British Standards – Finally, you should check whether they have BS 3998, which comes with the accepted quality standards for tree surgery. If a company comes with this accreditation, it means it can handle any service level with ease.


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