You’ve decided on the right appliances, the type of cabinets, the flooring tiles and even the colour palette for your entire kitchen. While doing home decor, we usually focus on the vibrant details of a space and ignore the not so catchy yet important ones. Your kitchen backsplash tiles are one such significant example.

The new-age trend is all about exploring new colours, patterns, textures and design. And to do this, the options are endless. So today, I have collaborated on a list of kitchen backsplash tiles that will make your kitchen spaces look aesthetic while being thoroughly functional.

The reason why we need to think about kitchen backsplash tiles in detail is that using them is no more just about its ease but also about the design finesse it offers. They have turned into a new trend where they are now treated as the focal point of a modern kitchen. The options however to choose are wide and therefore, choosing the right one can be a task!

So here are some of my favourite’s picks of kitchen backsplash tiles:

  1. Glass Subway Tiles

These are a classic choice for your kitchen spaces. Glass subway tiles go way back in time and have always been a trending choice over the past few decades. If you wish to have a glossy yet elegant effect then these kitchen backsplash tiles are ideal for you.

They are usually available in neutral colour tones which makes them a stunning combination for your kitchen spaces.

  1. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles have their own sense of grandeur and spark which instantly lights up any space. They create an aesthetic effect due to their blend of colours and textures.

These tiles are available in smaller sizes which adds up in their eccentricity. You can pair these tiles with a plain laminate for your cabinets, to bring out the mosaic tiles as a highlight. Commonly used in many households, mosaic tiles are readily available in a diverse range of textures and patterns.

  1. Recycled Mosaic

If you have a sustainable home design, why not go for eco-friendly kitchen backsplash tile as well?

These mosaic tiles are recycled and have a unique look and finish as compared to the other tiles.

They are not only eco-friendly but have a dynamic appeal which helps in making your kitchen spaces attractive.

  1. Glass Stone Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

A mix of both glass and stone finish, these tiles have a classy texture that ends up giving an appealing look to your kitchen spaces. They balance out the eccentricity of the stone with the glass finish. They are also available in a wide range of textures. If you seek a kitchen with an earthy vibe, using these backsplash tiles can be a good choice.

  1. Glass Field Tiles

 While exploring different textures and patterns for your kitchen backsplash tiles, you can also explore various shapes to choose from. These glass field tiles are the ideal aesthetic and functional choice for your kitchen.

Their unique look and finish is an instant winner!

The patterns created through it accentuates your interior decor.

Backsplash Tiles as Floor Tiles

Not all the backsplash tiles can be used as floor tiles but what’s the harm in experimenting?

Wall tiles are thinner than floor tiles. So if you are going for backsplash tiles as a flooring element, you need to be careful about that. Also, you need to avoid using lacquered tiles as floor tile because they tend to be fragile. Rather you can use stone backsplash tiles as a flooring element.

In the end, experimentation is always great if done with proper prior research!

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