For centuries, the municipality of Oradea has been an important point of reference for the area, being the most important cultural and commercial center. In the Middle Ages, there was an astronomical observatory in the Citadel of Oradea, and the astronomers who worked there used the meridian Oradea as the meridian of 0. Oradea is also the most important city in the historical region of Crişana. Oradea, formerly Oradea Mare (in Hungarian Nagyvárad, German Großwardein, Slovak Veľký Varadín, Latin Magnovaradinum), is the municipality of residence of Bihor County, Crişana, Romania. It is located in the west of Romania, on the Crişul Repede river, a multicultural and multi-ethnic city.

Oradea is a benchmark city located in the northwestern part of the country with a good economic track record that implicitly attracted the development of tourism. This spring, in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, Oradea acquired the status of a tourist city

national interest. Investors will thus be able to attract European financing more easily. Up to this moment, 51 tourist resorts of national interest and 71 resorts of local interest are certified in Romania. Smaller towns that have the status of a tourist resort still exist, but for the center of a city to have this status, something like this has never been seen or heard of in Romania.

its central area called Historic Center Tourist Area – Crişul Repede Corridor. Oradea is associated with the Băile Felix resort, but the town on Criş is much more. It is one of the few cities that has a citadel right in the city, Oradea has modern road access routes from the other cities. The objective of the mayor’s office is for the tourism-based industry to develop in the city in such a way that this tourism engine contributes more much to the economy of the city of Oradea, continuing the trend started at least 10 years ago.

Oradea has a historical center, with valuable heritage buildings, action has been taken to rehabilitate and enhance the value of these buildings. For ten years, they have been working on the rehabilitation of the heritage buildings of the Oradea Citadel, for the development of the pedestrian tourist area, but also to create commercial functions in these buildings or open spaces.

In addition to the many palaces highlighted, such as the Black Eagle Palace, the mayor mentioned that work is being done on unique projects in the country, such as the Art Nouveau Museum in the Darvas-La Roche House, almost completed, or the Masonry Museum. The city has always tried to balance the tourist offers, so the Nymphaea Aquapark appeared, which attracted other accommodation spaces, now a new project in the works is the Ioşia Thermal Garden.

Oradea is an important regional and European transport node, being located at the convergence of the two trans-European networks that cross Romania in the east-west direction, respectively Transilvania Highway and Axis 7 TEN-T, to which Oradea will be connected by DN 76 and DN 79 modernized. Oradea has recently developed numerous accommodation units to make the stay of tourists in the city as pleasant as possible. If you want to stay in Oradea, we recommend going to Google and searching either accommodation cazare oradea, pensiuni oradea, hoteluri oradea, it depends on what everyone wants and then choose the unit where they want to stay based on the images.

Oradea had two other stations apart from the central one, namely Velenţa Station, which increasingly served as a triage for freight traffic, and Ioşia Station. Today the municipality has 4 C.F.R. stations. namely: Oradea Est – Velenţa passenger-commuter triage and transport station, Mare Station (traffic domestic and international passengers), Oradea West – Ioşia Nord triage station and passenger-commuter transport and Bishopric of BihorOradea is an important railway junction for connections to Cluj, Arad, Satu-Mare -, respectively the international one to Hungary. Oradea is 160 de kilometers from Cluj and 120 kilometers from Arad, Oradea is connected to Europe and the main cities in the country by the international airport.

Adapted to tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism in Oradea is relaunch, the hosts have prepared with special measures regarding social distancing and specific sanitation measures. Local transport provides multiple routes for trams and buses. Oradea Romites and other surprises in the tourist area. All through these Băile Felix can be reached by means of transport. A modern fleet transport is set by the local authorities. Even if I’m not

allowed cultural events with many spectators do not get bored in Oradea, in addition, do not miss to taste the products prepared specifically in culinary recipes from Bihor. Bihorean pie is a registered trademark, being prepared according to a recipe that is hundreds of years old.

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