Are you tired of going out on the town or to the beach with your stretch marks? At Exquisite Aesthetics, we understand that it is best to repair the damaged skin rather than cover it with ink. Our recommendation is to use the inkless stretch mark treatment to remove those troubling stretch marks.

Inkless stretch mark removal is considered to be one of the safest and most effective scar treatments.

What is Inkless Stretch Mark Removal?

Also known as inkless stretch mark camouflage or inkless stretch mark revision, it is a non-invasive skin treatment that helps the skin repair itself using a blend of serums and vitamins inserted just under the skin using tiny needles.

How does it work?

Inkless stretch mark camouflage is much like microneedling in that the process causes skin “trauma” which the body rushes to rectify.

Inkless camouflage takes this procedure to the next level by introducing collagen and elastin into the affected areas for greater effect. Stretch marks are, effectively, scars where the underlying layers of skin have basically given up.

By using collagen it will give structure to your skin. On the other hand, elastin is a protein found in the skin that is more “stretchy” but not as strong as collagen. These two proteins together make for smooth, firm skin.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Usually, a session lasts between 1-2 hours. It all depends on the affected area. Usually, it takes several treatments to achieve desired results.

Is the Treatment Painful?

It’s not painful at all and numbing is not necessary. Although, it can be a little sensitive when you’re menstruating.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

You may resume work immediately after, but no working out for a few days. Please avoid saunas, hot tubs, steamy-hot showers, and steam rooms for 30 days after treatment.

What Should I Wear to the Appointment?

You can wear comfortable and loose clothing.

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

Average cost is around $500 per area, per session depending on the size of the affected area.

Does inkless stretch mark removal work?

In short, yes. Immediately after your treatment, the area will be red and a little swollen. After a couple of weeks, the area will settle as it begins to heal. How soon you’ll see results will depend on how your body responds to the treatment, but you should see results in around 40 to 60 days.

For a natural treatment to stretch marks, we recommend pre-treating each individual stretch mark with our “Ink-less” Professional Pretreatment Method.

If you’d like to learn more or book an appointment with Exquisite Aesthetics, please call us at 424-226-3468.

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