Many of us look for convenient options due to busy lives. One of the best examples of it is disposable wipes. Everyone is aware that they harm the environment, and yet people use them to clean the skin effortlessly and quickly. Unfortunately, these disposable wipes are great planetary polluters as they break down in the landfills only after hundreds of years.

Do you know simple, small changes in the everyday routine can help to protect the environment? Yes, one of the best alternatives for disposable wipes sustainable, eco-friendly, reusable makeup remover pads.  This is because these pads are made with natural fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and jute.

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The following are a few benefits that help you to understand why you have to use reusable pads to remove your makeup.


The main reason to use reusable makeup remover pads is the planet. If you use at least 2 pads daily to remove your eye or face make-up and to wipe micellar water, they may count more than one thousand pads every year. Whereas reusable makeup removing pads offer zero waste as they last up to 1,000 washes. It means you can wash and use it again and again. By this, you can reduce waste.

Amazing option for skin

Reusable makeup remover pads are made with cotton fabric and organic bamboo that are an excellent option for all skins, from oily to sensitive skin. Disposable wipes can block the pores or irritates the skin as they contain harmful chemicals, whereas reusable makeup removing pads causes less irritation on the skin. Also, they are used to clean waterproof mascara.

Low maintenance

Reusable makeup removing pads require low maintenance. You can wash them in your washing machine or hand wash with soap and water after every use and allow them to dry to use again.


Although the cost of reusable makeup remover pads is a little expensive than disposable wipes, in reality, you can save money by switching to reusable pads. That is, you have to replace the reusable pads only after 1,000 washes as they are durable. If you use disposable wipes, you have to spend more money in the long run compared to reusable makeup remover pads.

Simple to use

Using reusable makeup remover pads is much easier. All you have to do is, take water or liquid, make the pad wet, and gently wipe the makeup on your face. Also, you can use these pads for cleansing, applying toners, and exfoliation.

By making a small change, that is, using reusable makeup remover pads instead of disposable wipes, you can see a great difference in the environment. Gather information on the stores that offer 100% cotton reusable makeup remover pads, choose the best one, and order them today to reduce the waste on the planet and maintain smooth, clean skin.

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