Most homes are not large enough to have a proper wine cellar. Wine refrigerators and wine coolers are readily available in various sizes and styles. Depending upon your requirements, wine coolers can hold up to three hundred bottles of wine. Your choice is your choice; however, there is a wide range of wine coolers to choose from at the Wine Cooler Shop.

Sizes of wine coolers

Wine coolers come in various sizes. If you have a smaller kitchen, then a wine cooler 400 mm wide (approximately) would suit you. It’s simple, stylish, and saves space. You can set the temperature from 5 to 20 degrees celsius. So the size of the wine cooler you choose will depend upon where you want it placed in your home.

Types of wine coolers

As with the different sizes of wine coolers, there are also various types: a freestanding wine cooler, a fully integrated wine cooler, and a built-in wine cooler. As the name suggests, freestanding wine coolers stand alone and do not fit into any part of your kitchen. At the same time, you can incorporate a fully-integrated or under-counter wine cooler into any kitchen design. In addition, they can fit into any cabinet space because they expel the warm air through the rear of the cabinet. Unlike the previous two types, the built-in wine coolers are specifically designed to suit the space into which you wish to place the cooler.

Tips for storing your wine

Although there are many different types of wine, there is an old saying that says your wine collection is only as good as its storage. In that case, storing your wine is extremely important. Incorrect storage could result in your wines losing their colour, flavour and value, so it would benefit you to know about the required temperature, angle, humidity and level of light conducive to storing your specific wines. You should keep the wine in the dark to prevent UV rays from harming the wine’s flavour and aroma. The wine bottles should also not be subjected to vibration because they disturb the sediment and disrupt the delicate process that enables the wine to age favourably. So, do not place your wines next to your washer and dryer. Wines with a cork should be stored horizontally to keep the pin moist so that the cork does not dry out, preventing seepage and premature ageing. On the other hand, screw-top wine bottles do not need to be stored horizontally, but doing so would maximise your space and give you easy access to the wines.

The ideal temperature for storing wine

If you have a wine cooler with dual temperature zones, you can store and serve both white and red wine from the same wine cooler. The correct temperature is crucial, as temperatures too warm or too cold can ruin the wine. Generally, the best temperature for storing wine is 13 degrees celsius. Consult the manufacturer for temperature recommendations for specific wines. Wine storage temperature must remain stable to retain the quality of the wine and ensure the ageing process. Your wine collection will be just as good now that you have good storage.

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