The countertop is an important part of the kitchen. This flat surface like a table is basically the center of all kitchen activities. Here you prepare food, chop up ingredients, and more. But like any part of the house, the countertop should not escape the aesthetic touch. You can beautify kitchen sets and countertops by choosing the materials used. You can use a variety of materials like countertops, but there are also some materials that are your favorites.
Here are some materials that are popular and commonly used as countertops.

1. Marble and Granite

Its natural and strong nature makes marble and granite a popular material for countertops. Various natural motifs and colors make marble and granite more attractive than other synthetic materials. In terms of aesthetics, the natural patterns produced by marble and granite bring beauty to your kitchen. For uniformity of design, choose natural colors in the kitchen.

2. Solid Surface

For those of you who have an environmentally friendly lifestyle, a solid surface can be the choice of countertop material in the kitchen. With a synthetic base, the solid surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Because it is made of synthetic material, the material is recycled. One of the disadvantages of a solid surface is that the material is not safe against sharp object scratches. However, if the scratch is not too deep, it can be removed by polishing it.

3. Quartz

The extremely strong, non-porous quartz stone is very easy to care for and scratch-resistant. This makes quartz material superior to other materials. What you should pay attention to before installing it is that the price is quite high and the experts are needed for installation.
kitchen countertop

All countertop materials are good materials, it’s just that you need to be wiser in choosing materials that suit your ability, durability, and are not difficult to clean.

Things to consider in choosing a kitchen set

In addition to being functional, the countertop is also a reference for kitchen color designs because of its location which is usually in the middle, and its large size.

Along with the countertop, there are also cabinets, sinks, and shelves that are part of your kitchen set. There are several other kitchen set elements that you should also consider for the comfort and aesthetics of your kitchen.

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