If you are a fan of the fashion industry, you are definitely familiar with the name Pierre Cardin. But it is good to know that he was as famous in the field of clothing design as he was in architecture and furniture design. The great and leading artist recently died at the age of 98 in Paris.

On this occasion, we decided to have a brief look at his outstanding works in the field of furniture and architecture, so that you can become more familiar with an aspect of his unique creativity, which may have been somewhat overshadowed.

Pierre Cardin is an Italian designer who is best known for designing special and different clothes. He was born on July 2, 1922 in San Biagio di Calata, Italy. In 1945 he moved to Paris, where he studied and researched architecture.

After the end of World War II, he began working with Jeanne Paquin. In 1947, he designed his own home as his first architectural experience. But it seems that his works in this field, also in the field of sculptural furniture design and lighting, are so powerful and beautiful that they deserve the attention of other works of his.

Designing and producing valuable works that still look beautiful and up-to-date even after forty years of production and release requires pure and rare talent. The same thing can be found in Cardin’s works. This great artist has been praised and praised many times for his avant-garde costumes and beyond the human imagination, the design of trailing works of art, and humanitarian actions.

Cardin is the only fashion designer to have a significant reputation among the artists of the Paris Academy of Fine Arts. The clothes she designed – including varnish short skirts and the black shades of the Space Age collection – caused a great deal of controversy, but her designs were no longer as noisy as fashion; Including its sculptural furniture and architectural works. See more unique furniture designs on Crimson Oak Design. If such works are also worth a more comprehensive and accurate look.

Pierre Cardin was a designer by nature

“My uncle used to tell me that when he was about eight years old, he would stick pieces of wood together when he was about eight,” said Rodrigo Basilicati Cardin, nephew of the legendary designer Pierre Cardin, on the sidelines of the opening of an exhibition of the designer’s past at the Brooklyn Museum.

“He made furniture and turned it into a sculpture.” He was a self-taught artist who produced his works directly with his own hands. Many fashion designers could not finish cutting and sewing the way Cardin designed his work. Cardin also translated his ideas from clothing and fabric to wood, metal, glass, and so on. His source of inspiration in the production of his works was natural landscapes and the sky. Greenhouse Decor has many timber plant stand designs which are minimal and practical.

Layout, by Pierre Cardin, entitled The Fashion Industry of the Future. The drawer, which is in red and black at the front of the arrangement, is entitled “Head of the Moon” and is one of Cardin’s beautiful designs from 1978. Although this drawer is not specifically designed for the layout behind it, Cardin’s artistic taste and slim nose make for a clear and beautiful connection between all the elements.

“The practicality of the designs is of paramount importance to him,” said Bard Kardin, who has worked with him for a long time to realize his ideas. First, he does the design according to his own taste, then we find a solution for him, for example, to present it as a drawer or drawer. “We put functional sculptures on our furniture because we design them like a sculpture to be placed in the middle of a room in all directions, not like a device placed in a corner attached to a wall.”

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