The Emperor bed is the largest available bed size within the UK, perfect for relaxing after an exhausting day or simply curling up with your book. There’s plenty of space to spread out or roll when combined with fine bedding to provide an ideal retreat where you can unwind in comfort. Read on to find out more.

Do you need an Emperor bed?

Studies by the National Bed Federation have proven the size of bed to be of paramount importance when selecting a new one, demonstrating that couples are more comfortable sleeping on larger beds due to being less likely to disturb one another.

Unfortunately, most couples living in the UK still occupy standard double beds that measure just 4 feet 6″ (135 centimeters) in width. That provides each person only around 2 feet 3″ of sleeping space – less than what an infant gets in its crib!

We spend approximately one third of our lives sleeping, so why should we compromise the environment we use to do it? Disturbing your partner in bed could result in poor restful slumber. If your bed size is becoming an issue, it may be time for an upgrade.

Emperor bed size

Some manufacturers can help rooms with large spaces by providing oversized mattresses and beds. A striking centerpiece to any large space, an Emperor bed typically stands 6 feet and 6 inches square (198 x 198cm), although there is some variation within the industry. Another option is a Large Emperor bed, which measures 7 x 7 feet, or 213 x 213cm.

Tips for moving your bed

Once you have purchased an Emperor bed, the next step may seem daunting – taking it up the steps. Here are a few tips we suggest for making this task as painless as possible:

  • Make sure you take corners and staircases into account and bear in mind the headboard dimensions of the bed.
  • Measure all corners and staircases accordingly before buying.
  • Note how long and wide it can move to ensure safe movement on landings as well as side-to-side movement over corners.
  • It may help if you make an outline out of cardboard that matches up exactly to its dimensions before taking delivery of the new bed!

How to Choose the RightEmperor Mattress

Choosing an appropriate emperor mattress can improve sleep quality and ensure healthy spine alignment. Here are some guidelines to assist in selecting your mattress:


An Emperor mattress is one of the largest sizes currently available, measuring up to seven feet by seven feet. This makes them suitable for couples who value ample living space. Just make sure there’s enough room in your bedroom to accommodate it!


Select an appropriate mattress to ensure optimal spinal support. A mattress too soft won’t provide adequate cushioning, leading your spine to flex uncomfortably and potentially leading to back discomfort. On the other hand, mattresses that are too firm may cause stiffness or discomfort. Finding one with moderate firmness should keep your spine comfortably aligned.


Finding a mattress that provides ample cushioning will help support your weight and relieve pressure points. A suitable mattress should provide some level of relaxation while still offering firm assistance – perfect for Emperors!


Your mattress’s materials have an immense effect on your sleep experience. Select one made from sustainable and safe materials, without harmful toxins. Organic options such as wool and cotton are excellent choices as they don’t release harmful toxins into the environment.


Mattress durability should be one of the top considerations when searching for an Emperor mattress. Look for mattresses with lasting qualities – high-quality ones should last seven to ten years or more.

Trial period

Consider purchasing mattresses with trial periods to give yourself enough time to determine if it meets your specific requirements. If not, return it without penalty. This way you have no worries over being disappointed later.

How to maximise space in your bedroom.

Take Some Measurements

To maximise space in your bedroom with an Emperor bed, take some measurements. This will enable you to determine how much room there is available as well as the extent to which space has been taken up by your mattress. Typically, an emperor-style bed measures 213cm x 213cm, which takes up considerable floor area. Also keep footboard and headboard dimensions in mind since these will have a significant effect on total bed dimensions.

Consider Zoning the Room

Once you have all the measurements taken, consider zoning your room to ensure you have enough space for certain items. It would be advantageous to designate an area for clothing, toiletries and an armoire – these will all benefit from having their own dedicated spaces within your bedroom.

Be Selective with Furniture

If you want to maximise the space of your bedroom while fitting an emperor-style bed in, you will need to carefully consider which furniture would make an appropriate fit for it. Empty space on the floor should allow easy walking without needing to close doors often. This could require getting rid of an unneeded rocking chair that takes up lots of room, or downsizing things such as your dresser that are rarely used.

By being selective about which pieces make their way into your room and the decisions about their placement, you will create more space that makes for less clutter overall!

Choose a Bed Frame That Fits the Room

Make sure that the bed frame you purchase suits the space in which it will reside. An Emperor bed requires more room, so ensure that its footprint does not take up more room than necessary. Be sure to measure and determine an ideal size prior to purchasing one, or search for one with an elongated profile to give the illusion of larger room dimensions.

Opt for a Platform Bed

To maximise space in your bedroom, selecting a platform bed is a fantastic way to save space. These beds are low-profile, require no box spring and can help save tons of floor area. In addition, many platforms come equipped with built-in storage units which make this bed perfect for bedding pillows, cushions and other essentials.

Choose a Headboard That Fits the Room

Headboards in bedrooms can occupy significant amounts of space, so it is crucial that they match your decor perfectly. When selecting one for your room, keep its dimensions in mind. For a slim headboard, consider something with minimalist aesthetic that creates the illusion of more space without compromising style. Or choose an extravagant headboard to draw attention away from the bed!

Consider Under-Bed Storage

Under-bed storage is an effective way to maximise space within your bed. Look for beds that come equipped with drawers or ottomans built-in for additional storage of blankets, pillows, or any other objects you need stored. Or purchase storage boxes that can fit beneath the mattress easily to store all your possessions.

Finding the right bedding

Victoria Linen provides premium curtains and emperor duvet bedding in standard sizes as well as custom designs, with their base located in Lancashire UK. From large, fitted sheets to luxurious custom bed sets and matching curtains – Victoria Linen’s focus lies in creating luxurious bed sets which are eco-friendly while still meeting every bed’s specifications perfectly.

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