If you’re in the market to buy a house, it can be tempting to overbid and offer more money than the home is worth. While you may want to go overboard, keep in mind that you don’t have much control over the appraisal. You can always back out and negotiate if you have a contingency on the sale but still, it is best to contact a residential appraiser Dallas TX. You can also check whether a home is infested with termites or pests.

Home improvements

When it comes to selling your home, the appraisal process will consider many factors, including recent improvements and additions. If you’ve made some improvements recently, it’s a good idea to include a list of them. Make sure to note the date and costs of each. Even small home improvements can add up to a considerable increase in value and should be listed with the property’s information on the appraisal.


Among the many factors considered in a residential appraisal, location is the most important one. However, according to Fannie Mae guidelines, appraisers are not required to rate neighborhoods. Instead, they must analyze objective data on the location that may affect the home’s value. This information includes the number of neighbors, the type of neighborhood, and amenities like street utilities and vehicular access. Listed below are some of the most critical considerations in a residential appraisal.


Disclosure of termites in a home is one of the most important details to include when selling your home. It will give buyers peace of mind that you were upfront about the infestation and can potentially decrease the sale price by 20%. While disclosure of termites may not be easy, it can be an advantage in refinancing. Termite inspections are inexpensive, and the process will take less than two minutes.


Before selling your home, you should know some important facts about pests. While an appraiser is unlikely to do an extensive pest inspection, they will likely look for signs of wood-destroying organisms. Although these pests are not fatal, they can cause irreparable damage to the structure of your home. If you have noticed infestation signs, you should schedule a professional pest inspection before selling your home. For more information, contact a pest control company and schedule an appointment.

Construction quality

Whether you’re doing a commercial property appraisal, residential appraisal, or both, it’s important to consider construction quality in your home. New construction is often rated Q3 or better, as the owner designed it. Older homes will be Q2 or lower since the lumber used for construction has degraded over the past 50 years. However, a difference of ten years between the oldest and the newest home will not be significant.


Changing a roof can boost the value of a home. Buying a new roof will help you increase your home’s energy efficiency. This means greater savings for the buyer and an increased resale value. Other energy-efficient home improvements include installing low-E windows and replacing old appliances. These will all increase the value of your home and influence its appraisal. Considering the benefits of a new roof on the value of a home is a great way to increase your house’s appraisal value.


Using an independent appraisal is an important part of real estate valuation. Appraisers must use valuation principles and reasonable methods to obtain an accurate value. The assessment must be completed by the last day of the tax year to qualify. Once made, it can be used as the minimum investment return. The value must be accurate and consistent throughout the five-year period. Determining a value is important for ensuring that real estate is sold at a fair price.

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