2022 continues to see beautiful home DIY projects, continuing the trend of sustainable interior design. If we own classic pieces of furniture it seems a huge shame to throw this away to keep up with changing interior trends.

Upcycled Cabinets

Upcycling kitchen cabinets is the best way to transform your kitchen on a budget. Sanding down your units and repainting in your colour of choice gives your home a new lease of life. What takes this to the next level, is updating your cabinet hardware. The addition of beautifully styled cabinet hardware takes your kitchen from off trend, to on trend. As well as creating a chic kitchen aesthetic, you are increasing the longevity of your kitchen design, contributing towards sustainable interiors, and keeping up with the 2022 interior trends.  Upcycling your cabinet hardware means that you can easily achieve on-trend designs,  both quickly and cost-effectively. Our personal favourites are antique brass,  matte black,  smoked bronze, and polished chrome.

Upcycled Dressers

Upcycling our dressers means that we are able to continue to enjoy our classic timeless furniture, whilst introducing features that are considered on trend and create a statement. Having furniture in our bedroom that creates a statement is a real talking point when showing guests around our home. Upcycling our furniture in our bedroom  to match our interior style allows us to keep up with fast trends, as well as giving us constant enjoyment out of our rooms. Try adding some modern brass hardware like these to update an old dresser. As trends evolve over the years we can continue to keep up with the changes, keeping away from the fast trends of the interior world, whilst investing.in long-standing, good quality hardware and paint, creating a dresser that looks brand new for years to come.

Upcycled Makeup Table

There’s a lot of potential when upcycling a make-up table, we can introduce a Hollywood style mirror with light bulbs, and feature each drawer with beautiful antique gold handles, finished with a matte white paint to really make the feature handles pop. You can even go and have a piece of glass cut to the shape of the table top for the ultimate finesse.  Sustainable interior design is the perfect contribution to a more sustainable environment, making our interior design ideas guilt-free. We all have an emotional attachment to some form of furniture within our homes, whether the dresser or make-up table has been handed down from loved ones,  or purchased for us by those special to us.  buy upcycling your furniture pieces to match current trends, you never have to get rid of any furniture you feel attached to and can bring a new lease of life to each piece.

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