In practice, fire-rated door are more often used for purposes in the construction sector such as factories. However, in its development, many buildings in the commercial sector began to use this type of door, such as malls, apartments, office buildings, and so on. The goal? Of course for security.

Emergency Exit or emergency door is a door that must exist in various places or public facilities. The materials used to make the Emergency Exit Door also cannot be arbitrary. The material must be fire-resistant. So, this time we will discuss the Importance of Fire Resistant Emergency Exits.
But, before that. Let us discuss various basic things about this one door.

What is an Emergency Exit?

Emergency Exit Door is a special door designed for emergency situations and can only be used in an emergency. This door is usually in several public facilities such as hospitals, apartments, hotels, and various other public places.

The existence of this door is mandatory and is a prerequisite for buildings with a high occupancy rate. Moreover, it is a multi-story building that has a high intensity of visits. However, disasters such as fires or earthquakes can occur at any time and are unpredictable. Therefore, the existence of the Emergency Exit is very important as an emergency evacuation route when an unavoidable disaster occurs.

There are several conditions that must be fulfilled regarding Emergency Exit. Some of them are: the door must be fire resistant for at least 2 hours, equipped with a minimum of 3 hinges, an automatic door closing device to the door opening lever, the door must be equipped with a warning sign “emergency/emergency door, and there must be fire-resistant glass. which can be used to see the situation behind or in front of the door.

Why Emergency Exit Doors Must Be Fire Resistant

Next, we will discuss the Importance of Fire Resistant Emergency Exits. There are several reasons why emergency exits are designed to be fire-resistant. The following include:

Emergency Exits Must Be Protected

The first reason Fire Resistant Emergency Exit Doors are Important is that they are designed to protect people who are trapped when a disaster occurs. Mainly, fire.

Just imagine, if the emergency exit was not fire-resistant. What will happen to the door when there is a fire? Of course, the door will also catch fire. If the door catches fire, the space behind it will also catch fire and will not prevent the fire from spreading. So, these emergency exits must be fire-resistant and made of quality materials such as steel or steel that are fire-resistant.

To Comply With Standards

The reason why emergency exits must be fire resistant furthermore is to meet good emergency exit standards. This door is a door that is used for emergency purposes so it must be more resistant to threats and damage than ordinary doors.

To prevent fire from spreading, the door frame has a fire seal, while the door leaf is designed with features that can withstand exposure to high-temperature heat without leaking. All parts of the door including the hinges, knobs, and latches must pass an extreme fire resistance test.

Besides being able to provide protection from fire, this type of door is also designed to block access to smoke or other toxic gases. Fireproof steel doors are able to prevent the spread of smoke from one room to another, as well as block the access of oxygen. Why? Because oxygen can exacerbate fire conditions.

Where Can You Get Fireproof Emergency Exits?

After reading how Important Fire Resistant Emergency Exit Doors are. Next, let’s discuss where you can find this door. In fact, there are various places that sell fire-resistant emergency exits. However, not all places provide the same quality.

So, it would be better if you order it from the fire door manufacturer. Here you can get fire-resistant emergency exit doors with specifications according to the Quality Management System Certification according to ISO 9001: 2000 standards.



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