Redecorating can be a long winded process especially if you don’t do the proper preparation beforehand. Start the new year with a freshly decorated home. If you are wanting to redecorate but have bumpy or textured walls, this article offers a few suggestions on how to achieve smooth walls before painting or papering.

Using a skim coat

Applying a skim coat is often a decorators first option when fixing bumpy, textured walls. But what is a skim coat? A skim coat is a layer of finishing plaster which creates a 2-3mm thick layer of thickness over surfaces and creates a smooth and flat base. As finishing plaster is a thicker consistency, this is a slightly long process so you will want to allow each coat to dry thoroughly before adding another coat.

Skim coat application process:

Step 1: Use a textured foam roller to apply the first thick layer over the bumpy wall.

Step 2: As you work from top to bottom, use a squeegee knife to smoothen the surface.

Step 3: You will then want to repeat the same process from the bottom up.

Step 4: Scrape away any excess plaster around fittings, borders and corners.

Step 5: Let the first layer of skim coat dry and sand to remove any bumps and texture.

Step 6: Repeat Step 2 to Step 5.

Step 7: Once the second coat is dry and prepped, your walls will now be ready for painting or papering.

Using a textured wallpaper:

Although in the long run applying a skim coat is beneficial if you want long term results, using a textured wallpaper is a less time consuming process. Sanding the wall beforehand will allow an easier application, however the majority of wallpapers will stick to most textures.

Victory Colours have great textured wallpaper ranges which will cover up any lumps or cracks on walls. If you are looking for unique wallpapers which are textured, but can be painted, Anaglypta also may be the option for you. The ranges of Anaglypta paper Victory Colours offer can allow you to choose exactly how you would like your interiors to look.

Lining paper:

Another option to smooth out bumpy walls is lining paper. Lining paper is a great option if you want to put a patterned wallpaper over, or any wallpaper for that matter. It offers great benefits such as insulation, smoothing out bumpy, fire retardant properties, so it is worth considering for long term benefits. Note that the grade listing for each lining paper will determine the coverage that you will get on your walls. You can find a range of lining papers on Victory Colours.


Whether you choose the long winded route of a skim coat, or by using textured or lining paper, the end result will more or less be the same. There are pros and cons to each process, however, by choosing the option of lining paper you will gain other benefits which can offer your home benefits such as insulation.


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