Cleaning and washing of tiles is always considered to be tiresome work in both homes and other buildings such as restaurants and offices. Presently, many homemakers and home cleaners use different methods for floor finishes. As such, everyone finds tiles to be a suitable, economical, and long-lasting way to keep their homes clean. However, after getting the floors tiled, the sudden question that arises is how to keep your tiles cleaned. Most of them use some trendy DIY techniques, but they last to an extent and prove helpful for a certain period of time. Therefore, it is imperative to buy a professional tile cleaner that can make your work an easy job.

Tips to clean tiles thoroughly

  1. Use a scrubber with diluted cleaning solution or a tile cleaner and scrub the tiles from top to bottom, removing hair/dirt/dust from the tiles.
  2. Tiles should be cleaned regularly or at least weekly for retaining sparkline shine.
  3. Small area of tiles must be cleaned first, and it must be dried with a sponge.
  4. Use medically approved solutions for better hygiene quality and germ-free space.

Benefits of Using Tile Cleaning Solutions

  1. Shiny Tile Finish: when tiles are not cleaned for a longer period of time, they start receiving greasy substances on it that makes it look highly unhygienic. Thus, it is important to clean tiles with a professional cleaner or solution for preventing them from discoloration.
  2. Long Lasting Effects: time and again tiles crack if they are not paid attention while cleaning. Sometimes, people use cheap quality tile cleaning solutions that actually harm the tiles and result in slow cracks and discoloration. So, a branded solution must be used for extra safety and a flawless finish.
  3. Look Afresh and New: the reason your tiles look dirty and pale is you either don’t use a tile cleaning agent or you wash it with plain water which is not effective. Therefore, the tile must be cleaned with a properly diluted solution.
  4. An Agent Maintaining Health Quality: while cleaning tiles, people don’t focus on the grout which is very porous. Many times children drop their food and other eatables on the floor which get absorbed into the grout. Thus, a disinfectant tile cleaner is crucial to be used in homes.
  5. Economic Method: people tend to spend a lot while using DIY techniques including chemicals, various tools, and equipment, eventually getting disappointed because they are not a professional. But, with a tile cleaning solution, you just need to follow a few steps to have your tiles crystal clear.

How to use a cleaning agent?

  1. Take 5 liters of lukewarm water and add nearly 500 ml or the mentioned amount of the cleaning solution into it.
  2. Take a mop or floor cloth to clean the surface. Do not clean the whole area in one go. Try to clean small areas at a time.
  3. Scrub the tiled surface well and leave the solution for a few minutes on it and then scrub it again.
  4. Then again use lukewarm water to rinse the surface well, not leaving behind any detergent or solution. Otherwise, it may lead to the discoloration of tiles.
  5. Use a dry floor cloth or mop to further clean and dry the surface.

To sum up, using a better quality tile cleaning solution not merely gives your tiles, but it also prevents you from any illnesses spread out.

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